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Ready to take your party to the next level? GoodFellas Gaming offers casino games that will keep your party swinging! Our staff is highly trained to help participants engage, and we do all of the grunt work so you are able to enjoy the party as well. From corporate events and fundraising events to reunions and Greek parties, we are able to cater to every need. And, with 90 percent of our business coming in the form of repeat customers, you can rest assured that you will be treated well every step of the way!

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Casino Games for Parties

GoodFellas Gaming is not an actual gambling casino! We provide mock-casino night events for work parties, conference, Greek Life Events, fundraisers and more. All of our events are just for fun and no real gambling is involved.

Casino Games We Offer


Our tables are set to accommodate both Texas Hold 'Em and three-card poker. Both games are fun and exciting, but they do have differences that might make one particular set-up a better option for your specific event. Whether they win with a royal flush or stay in the game with a pair, the game will keep your attendees involved throughout the party. Staff can be on hand to help those who aren’t regular players and to keep the games moving among all participants.


Take a turn on our beautifully handcrafted roulette wheel and have your attendees try their luck! Attendees can place bets with their chips, or just cheer on their favorite players from the sidelines. Either way, roulette is an exciting game that is difficult not to get swept up in!


Fast-paced and exciting to both observe and participate in, blackjack is a mainstay in every casino. Your guests will enjoy working with our amazing dealers. Additionally, blackjack is a great starter game for those players who are not too familiar with casino games in general.


Our wood grain craps tables are beautiful and blend seamlessly into any party décor. The beautiful felt game board can seem a little intimidating at first, but players will surely be sucked into the excitement. Whether your guests are new to the game or are old hats, craps always has people pressing their luck!

Call GoodFellas Gaming today to schedule all of the details for your next casino party anywhere throughout the entire southeast region. We are excited to work with you to make your next event or fundraiser an amazing success!

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