2. As your guests arrive, everyone will receive $1,000 in Play Money. This is what they'll use to "buy-in" at the gaming tables throughout the night. This gives everyone a substantial, yet realistic, amount of money to start the night with.

4. When the gaming completes our dealers will give your guests raffle tickets based on how much they've won. The more you win, the more raffle tickets you get. You can count on some wild bets near the end of the night as everyone is trying to get one last hand in.

3. Once the tables open, guests can go to any of the tables with their play money and exchange it for chips. We use high-quality chips like the real casino so your guests will enjoy shuffling and tinkering with their chips all night. Plus, these make it easy to move from one table to the next.

Casino Night Walkthrough


​So, you've decided that a Casino Night party sounds and looks like a lot of fun, but you still have a few questions about how the night runs? Well you've made it to the right page. We'll attempt to walk you through the full process of how the event goes down, but we're always available if you'd like to talk.

Most importantly, this is your party. If you have a different idea for how you'd like the night to run let us know and we'll get you set up. There are many different ways to run your Casino Night and we're here to help make sure it's just right!

5. There are a couple of ways that the raffle can be done. We can combine everyone's tickets in a basket or bowl. You'll choose a prize to draw for and then pick a raffle ticket. Or we can put raffle baskets in front of each item and your guests can choose what prizes they want to try and win. This is our favorite method.

6. When your guests leave we'll breakdown the tables and go home. Don't worry, you won't find us breaking down and distracting your group while guests are still there.

1. GoodFellas Gaming will arrive to your event venue on the day of your party. We like to have all of the equipment setup at least an hour before your first guest arrives. Often times we'll be done earlier than that. The amount of time it will take us to setup is dependent on the size of your party, but typically we can set up anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours. We'll work with you and the coordinator at the property before the event to figure out the best logistics.

​​For information or booking: 

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